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At the Wattle Park Saints it is mandatory to hold a current WWCC card for all our Coaches, Team Managers and Committee members. This is not only a legal and Basketball Victoria requirement, but it is an important part of providing a safe playing environment at our Club. 


Police officers, teachers, and any anyone under 18 years of age is exempt from this requirement.


If you already have a WWCC: please forward a copy of your card (a phone photo or scan is acceptable)  to  It is the cardholders' obligation to ensure that all organisations they work/volunteer for are added to their WWCC.  When our details are added to your WWCC record, an official copy will be sent to us from the Department of Justice (DoJ).   You can add your additional organisations via the Department of Justice website at  or through the Services Victoria App.

The details which need to be supplied are:

Wattle Park Saints Basketball Club

·    PO Box 289 Mont Albert 3127

·    Club Secretary: Ellen Grouios

·    Email:  


If you do not already have a Working With Children Check: could you please begin the application process as soon as possible? 


You can do this via the Department of Justice website at:   where you will find instructions for the process.  You will need to complete the application form online, provide verification of your identity and then submit your application at an Australia Post Shop.  As soon as you have lodged the form, please send us your application number to,  as this acts as your verification documentation until your WWCC arrives.


If you are a teacher: there is now a requirement to link your teaching details with the Working With Children system.  You can do this using the link:  Again, please register the details of our Club as listed above.


Important Note: While the Working With Children Act notes that parents who coach a team including their own child are exempt, Basketball Victoria determined NOT to recognise this exemption. All Coaches must have a WWCC.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to our Club Secretary at

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