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It is the goal of Wattle Park Saints Basketball Club (“the Club”) to provide junior players with the opportunity to participate in the sport of basketball at the highest possible level that each individual can achieve.

Prior to the commencement of each season, the Age Group Coordinators of the Club will seek feedback from all coaches in their age group to assess each player in every team. This assessment will include, but not be limited to, each player’s:

  • Fundamental skill sets - incorporating the ability to shoot, pass, catch, dribble and defend;

  • Decision making - displaying an understanding of game situations and the ability to follow the instructions of the coach;

  • Athleticism - including size, speed, jumping ability and lateral movement;

  • Gamesmanship - displaying a willingness to compete at all times at the highest possible level, while maintaining a sporting attitude at all times; and

  • Team interaction - showing a willingness to participate with and encourage other team members to be the best possible player they can be.


Based on the assessment of the coaches, as well as the Age Group Coordinators understanding, players will be selected into teams, placing them with other players of similar attributes to ensure each team can compete at the highest possible level these attributes allow.

To complete player allocation to  a team, the Club in its discretion may opt to run tryout sessions. Where try outs are held for a selected age group prior to the commencement of a new season, this will also be used as a determination when selecting teams, in addition to the criteria specified above.  If a player is unable to attend, this needs to be communicated to the Club prior to the try outs.  If a player chooses not to attend and they, with other players, are being considered for a place in a team, priority will be given to the players that attend the try outs.

Teams will be selected just after the cut-off date for when registrations are due.  Players registered by this date will be placed into teams based on the criteria above.  If a player registers after the due date, they will only be selected to a team if there are places available.  Priority will go to the players that registered by the due date.  This may result in a player registering late being placed in a team lower than what they may have otherwise been selected in.

If there are special circumstances, where one player needs to be paired with another player to be able to continue to play (e.g. a player cannot continue to play unless they can be transported to the game with another player’s family) these issues need to be advised at the time of registration, so they can be a consideration in team selection.  However, the Club cannot guarantee the players will be selected in the same team if it would cause either player to be playing at either too high or too low a level based on the assessment of each player.

When players first join the Club, they may be selected to teams based on friendship groups, so that the introduction to basketball can be done in an environment that allows players to feel comfortable at the outset.  However, as players continue to play on in following seasons, their selection to teams will be based on the criteria as noted above.  This allows players to compete to the best of their abilities and also develop new friendships in a team environment.

Once teams are selected and advised, these will be final.  Changes will only be made if there are extenuating circumstances and any changes will need to be first approved by the Committee.

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