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Committee 2024

We’re a volunteer run club with most of us fitting in our work for Wattle Park Saints around our usual paid jobs and other commitments.   This is because we love the SAINTS!  If there’s something you’ve thought you’d like to see the club do differently, or you have a handy skill and would love to be a part of things, please let us know! We’d love to have your input!  Contact details below,


Shayne La Combre

0412 547 821



Ellen Grouios


John Hearn


Sally Marks

Child Safety Officer

Andrea Belmonte 


Bhagya Srinivas

Age Group Co-ordinator Saturday Girls U8 - U12

Felipe Marin

Age Group Co-ordinator Friday - Boys

Shayne La Combre

0412 547 821

Age Group Co-ordinator Monday -Girls

Glen Hewer

0417 347 097

Age Group Co-ordinator U16/18 Sat

Graeme Kelly

0403 245 005

​Age Group Co-ordinator Saturday Boys U10-U14 

Scott Monkhouse

0403 324 825


Elyssia Clark

Venue Co-ordinator


IT / Web Manager

David Granzow

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