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Each season the Committee will review and confirm the level of its player registration fees. The player registration fees must be paid in full by a date set by the Registrar for both the Summer and Winter Seasons each year in order for a player to be able to take the court. In normal circumstances this date will be well before the first round of the fixture.



In all normal circumstances the club will insist that each player registered will have paid the set fees before taking the court. The club’s mission however is to encourage junior participation in the sport of basketball. The club therefore recognizes that participation should be encouraged in cases of financial difficulty.

In circumstances of financial difficulty, the Committee will give consideration to individual requests, made in writing, on a season to season basis, to either vary the due date and/or the amount  payable. Any such variation or payment plan must be approved by the Committee before the player takes the court.

The finalized agreement will be documented and retained by the club treasurer but treated confidentially.


It is the responsibly of each team manager to collect monies from parents to pay for weekly team sheet fees. Any parent with several children in the one team must contribute to the team sheet fees for each child.

Failure to pay the team sheet fees will result in the club not accepting a child’s registration the following season until the unpaid fees are paid in full.



Please consider your registration carefully as refunds for withdrawal are only available in limited circumstances (for example medical grounds). If you have already registered and decide you no longer wish to be considered for team placement prior to 10 March 2024, you will need to email the Registrar at

All refunds will incur a $25 Administration fee and only apply to the Club portion of the Registration. We cannot refund the Basketball Victoria Annual Participation Licence fee of $29, the Basketball Australia Participant Fee (Game Development Levy) of $5 or any other administrative charges incurred by the Club in any circumstances. Any application for refund needs to be forwarded to the Registrar at setting out the reason for the refund.

Once teams have been arranged and if you subsequently decide you no longer wish to play, there will be no refund provided.  If there are extenuating circumstances for why a player is no longer available to play, you will need to email the Age Group Coordinator requesting a refund and this will be considered at the next available Club Committee meeting.
If a player is injured during the course of a season, there will be no refunds provided.  If it is a long-term injury, causing a player to miss over 75% of the season (including finals), you can email the Age Group Coordinator and at the next available Club Committee meeting, it may be considered to carry over the registration fees to the following season.

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