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The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to coaches, parents and players on the best approach to ensure a safe training and playing environment on days of extreme heat.



  • On days where the forecast tempreture is above 38 degrees it is up to the coach's discretion as to whether to cancel training at Roberts McCubbin or Wattle Park Primary. Coaches should consider the forecast weather conditions (humidity etc) at the time of training when deciding to conduct or cancel training.

  • The safety of the players can be maintained with a common-sense approach. Coaches should amend the training program to ensure it is not too intense and provide regular drink breaks. Players should be instructed to drink regularly and rest if they become too fatigued.

  • Training at Box Hill Aqualink is conducted in an airconditioned environment and the club therefore sees no need to cancel training on hot days in this venue. Again coaches should use a commen sense approach and amend training loads increase drink breaks to ensure the safety of players. 

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