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Some helpful information for Team Managers : Winter 2024 Season

Thanks again for agreeing to take on this important role. The Club could not possibly function without you doing this job. Your participation is essential to keep our players playing and supporting our hard-working coaches.


We are all set for another huge season starting Monday 15 April. Training will commence from the week of Monday 15 April. There is no training available on Public Holidays or during school holidays.

If you have any further registrations to be added, let your age group co-ordinater know otherwise they will not appear in the scoring computer. If a player has been missed, they can be added on game day and the Refs will assist.

You should have received your Team Sheets. They may have a few blank numbers - please ensure you let your Age Group Co-ordinator know of these for them to be loaded into the system.

Note – Team Sheets have Coach, TM, player list and training details. They are hard to view on the phone but you can scroll around and see the information you need. Any errors let your AGC know.


Please ensure all players are aware of their allotted training time.  A parent MUST be present at each training. No coach should be left to train alone, particularly junior coaches. TMs are not expected to attend every training. A roster is ideal.

Grading: will be for the first 6 weeks of the season.

Finals Qualification: 8 games are required to be played including byes. Players need to be registered into their team/teams to be eligible.


Match Day Team Sheets are $90.00 per match.  This is set by Nunawading Basketball not the club and reflects the costs of running the competition for the whole season.

Teams will need to have their Team Sheet fee paid prior to the start of the game each week. At each venue the Venue Supervisor or Referee Supervisor will have a tablet showing which teams have not paid prior to tip-off and will be available to assist if required.

For any new Team Managers using Teammo for the first time – please see Teammo On-Boarding PDF with links to instructional YouTube clips. Additionally, the link below will take you to a list of instructional videos for on-boarding.

Assistance can also be obtained from  They are super friendly and usually pretty responsive.


The best option is for the TM to collect the payments in advance and make the game payment when posted. Some teams elect to have Teammo collect the money but be aware fees apply. The Club does not collect or make payments.

Note – Teams who do not pay promptly now risk losing premiership points.

If you have any issues with fee collections, please contact your Age Group Co-Ordinator. It is not expected that Team Managers fund non-paying players. 


As a Club we want to avoid these. E-mail your Age Group Co-ordinator as soon as you realise you may not be able to field a team. We may be able to secure fill-in players.

Any team who concedes a walkover must process and pay for the walkover through Teammo. By processing all walkovers through Teammo, notification is made to the opposition simultaneously, avoiding teams turning up for no match.

The cost of a walkover $130.


Every family should be assisting with scoring each week on a rolling basis. The best thing is to set up a roster for the season. This usually does not include the TM and Coach.

Parent/Scorer scoring instructions- (includes a downloadable PDF useful as a ‘cheat sheet’ on a score bench).



To avoid the issues that have occurred during the past seasons in relation to lost results, could all our scorers take a photo of the scores at the end of the game as an additional back-up. It is important to note that this photo must be of the computer and not the scoreboard. 

Note – TMs do not have to attend every game, but it is important that someone is appointed to act as TM at any game you cannot attend. This means there is always someone there to deal with any administrative issues, record injuries, assist the coach and note any incidents.


Please ensure all your team have an approved Wattle Park Saints playing uniform each. Penalties can apply if you have players without the correct uniform including not being able to play. A uniform consists of club singlet and shorts (No Pockets).

If anyone is yet to receive their uniform, then you need to contact our uniform co-ordinator Bhagya Srinivas at


Can you please forward a Current Working with Children’s Check. (scan or photo) to your AGC as soon as possible. If you are under 18 years of age you do not require a WWCC.

If you do not have a current WWCC.  Please apply ASAP – all details can be found and please add Wattle Park Saints Basketball Club to your application.

Details you will need to provide include:

Please remember to register as a Team Manager on PlayHQ.

Monday -Friday Teams:

Saturday Teams:

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