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If a team does not field at least 4 players at the start of a given game, then the game shall be deemed a "walkover". Please be aware that in the event of a walkover the team will incur a $100 "walkover fee".  It is the responsibility of the team and not the club to pay any walkover fee



It is important for team mangers to notify the age group co-ordinator as soon as possible if a team is at risk of a walkover. This will assist in sourcing fill in players to avoid a walkover.

To avoid a walkover fill in players can be

  1. Players from younger age groups as per the fill-in chart, see this link.

  2. Players from the same age group or younger that are playing in a separate MEBA administered competition, i.e. Mid week players can fill in for a Saturday team and vice versa.

  3. Unregistered players are able to fill in to avoid a walkover but the team will still forfeit the fixture. (i.e. The opposing team will be awarded the three (3) premiership points for the game)


If a team does not field a minimum of four players within a period of ten minutes following the scheduled time of commencement as shown on the fixture, then the game shall be deemed a walkover. In addition games for U/8’s to U/18’s must have a responsible adult present on the bench.


The game shall be awarded to the opposing team, if in attendance within the required time or if they have been notified previously by the Competition Administrator that their attendance is not required.


For each full minute beyond the scheduled starting time that the game is delayed by any team not being  present (with a minimum of four players ready to play), the opposing team while in attendance shall be credited with one game point to a maximum of 10 points


For each walkover given a team shall be liable to pay to the Committee a walkover fee of $100 for expenses incurred by the giving of the walkover. Teams who do not notify the Competition Administrator at least three (3) hours prior to the scheduled start time of their game will be charged an un-notified walkover fine which will be 50% more than the normal walkover fee.


In the case where a team shows up with less than four (4) players and are unable to field a team this will be deemed an un-notified walkover and will be charged as such (this does not include Forfeits where the team play an ineligible player to avoid a walkover. Any team which gives two or more walkovers during a season may be disqualified from the competition



In the event of a Walkover the Team Manager is responsible to inform the Age Group Coordinator and collect monies (th ewalkover fee) to be then deposited into the club's bank account. Payment and notification must be done within one week of the Walkover taking place. The Team Manager must email the Club Treasurer details of the Walkover (date, time and team) and when payment was made.



Please be aware it is not the clubs responsibility to fund any walkover fee.

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