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Dear Members,

As a result of the Premier’s reintroduction of Stage 3 lock-downs for metropolitan Melbourne from Wednesday 8th July for 6 weeks, all basketball plans to return to Junior domestic competition have been suspended. The return date for Saturday 8th August will no longer be achievable.

Our association, MEBA, have informed all junior and senior domestic clubs that they are unable to commit to an exact return date in the current climate, and for a safe and well managed return for all players, parents and officials.

However, MEBA is working thoughtfully towards a possible return date in line with the usual summer season dates ( first week of Term 4).

Again, can I emphasise that member's registrations for this year will remain current unless individual players wish to inform us they would like to withdraw. Basketball Victoria (BV) is also extending their licenses of individual players and clubs.

I am like many of you disappointed about this setback for a return to sport for our children. As we are experiencing an unprecedented time in our history, I know you will agree with myself and the committee that we need a cautious and mature approach to ensuring the safety and well-being for all our club members.

Until my next communication stay safe and keep active.

Dana Branda-Pawlaczyk President Wattle Park Saints Basketball Club E:

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Dear Members,

Please read the following carefully.  There is quite a bit of information below and you MUST complete a SURVEY by 8pm Monday 6th July’20 (link in this email) if you wish to continue your child’s registration for next season.

Our club has received notification from MEBA that the Winter season 2020 has been cancelled and the Summer 20/21 season will be brought forward.

The revised Summer 20/21 season will begin on Saturday 8th August 2020.  The summer season has been extended to include 25 rounds, with 7 rounds for grading and 18 rounds of regular season.

Given the Winter season 2020 has been cancelled and the next season has been brought forward with playing restrictions due to COVID-19, the Committee needs all our members to be informed of a number of changes the association is implementing, and given those changes,if you wish your child’s registration to be carried forward to the new Summer 20/21 season.

The Committee will ensure all related COVID-19 compliant guidelines will be implemented as directed by MEBA, Basketball Victoria and the Victorian Government to ensure the utmost safety of all our members.

Once you have read the following changes, please click here to go to the Survey

Here are the proposed forthcoming changes to our competition.

1. Summer season begins Saturday 8th August 2020

  • Includes 7 x Rounds of Grading (incorporating the 1st Saturday of School Holidays on Saturday 19th September)

  • 18 x Rounds of Regular Season

  • Final date for 2020 Thursday 17th December 2020

  • First date for 2021 Friday 29th January 2021

  • Grand Final start date: Friday 26th March 2021

2. Addition of 2 x Saturday Playing Dates

Summer season 2020/21:  The 1st Saturday of the March/April School Holiday will be fixture as the Grand Final Day ( this will not be the case where Easter falls on the first weekend as is the case in 2021).

Winter season:  The 1st Saturday of September/October School Holiday will be fixture as the Grand Final day.

3.  Midweek Girls Competition Consolidated onto Monday Nights

All midweek girl’s teams will now play on a Monday night.  This initiative has been introduced to help the girls competition combat a gradual shrinking of girls playing midweek.  It is anticipated teams will be graded according to skill and not necessarily age. 

4.  U10 Midweek Boys will be moved to the Friday Night Competition

All Monday U10 Boys teams will now play on a Friday night.  This is to realign all midweek boys teams to the Friday Night Competition.

5.  Restructure of Team Sheet Fee and $3 Door Entry Fee and Electronic Cashless Payments.

To ensure the safety and adequate provision of hygiene for all MEBA patrons at all venues, the Team Sheet Fee and Door Entry fee will be rolled into one fee of $84 per team per match.  All team sheet fees will need to be paid electronically 48hrs prior to game day. All teams will be given guidelines as to how this fee is to be paid.

6.  Match Timeslots / Timing Rules will be Modified

Game timeslots will be extended to 55 minutes.  Each half will be 17 minutes.  This allows a 20 minute break between games for teams to exit the area, sanitisation of match equipment and the next teams to enter the venue safely.

7.  Introduction of Bronze Medal Playoff Matches

The introduction of Bronze Medal playoff matches will be played on Grand Final day as a way of creating more interest and atmosphere for the teams competing.   This will be trialed for Age Groups U10-14 teams.

8.  Spectators/Parents/Guardians

MEBA will be taking a cautious and measured approached in reactivation of our sporting competition. One parent/guardian will be permitted to accompany 1 player to attend their match.

9.  Canteen/Water Fountains

The canteen and water fountains at the Nunawading Basketball Centre will not be available until further notice.

10.  Training for Summer 20/21 Season

The Committee is deliberating carefully a return to training to coincide with the return of competition.

At this stage we have two venues available, Aqualink and Roberts McCubbin Primary School.

As for the return to competition, the Committee will ensure strict guidelines for a return to training.

Information about this will be sent to all members to ensure we are all COVID-19 compliant.

11.  Summer 20/21 Registration

In order to finalise teams under the new competition formats that MEBA has implemented, we need to know from ALL OUR SAINTS FAMILIES if you wish your registration & fees payment to be carried forward to Summer 20/21.


Click here to go to Survey

Thank you for taking the time to read this and respond to the survey.  Please be aware the Committee is working very thoughtfully to ensure all our members have a safe and enjoyable return to basketball.

Teams will be finalised and team lists will be forwarded at our earliest possible time, so your patience and understanding at this time is greatly appreciated.

Dana Branda-Pawlaczyk


Wattle Park Saints Basketball Club

Dear Wattle Park Saints Member,

It has been sometime since my last communication to you and  the Committee and myself would like you to know that we continue to meet and are working towards a safe return to club basketball in the near future.

It has been a challenging time for us all and I hope the disruptions to your normal routines have given you and your family an opportunity to reflect and take advantage of new learnings.

With the Government easing restrictions there will be an eventual return to training and competition.  There is no direct communication about this as yet but I can inform that by the middle of August the competition will resume if all goes well in the coming weeks.

The Committee is working towards a safe return with staying informed with all our stakeholders including Basketball Victoria and our association MEBA.  MEBA is taking time to make the transition back to playing as smooth as possible all our players, parents and support personnel.

Wattle Park Saints are in the process of forming helpful guidelines for our coaches, team managers, parents and children so a smooth and safe return will ensure training and playing are enjoyable in the months ahead.

I hope you have been able to keep your children active in the meantime and where possible in this wintry weather there is opportunity to dribble up and down the driveway or shoot hoops at home or with friends at school. 

On behalf of the Wattle Park Saints Committee we wish you a safe time ahead and as soon as a return to basketball is given the all clear with sound guidelines in place we will let you know.

Warm wishes

Dana Branda-Pawlaczyk


Wattle Park Saints Basketball Club.